Crew's thoughts on Transformers vs Visionaries issue 1

Posted on January 3rd 2018 by David Mapes

This article will cover the personal opinions of the crew behind The on IDW Publishing's Transformers Vs Visionaries Issue 1.

WARNING: - This article may contain spoilers.

David Mapes - @visionariesinfo

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Overview of IDW Publishing's Visionaries

Posted on September 10th 2017 by Steven Mapes

IDW Publishing - Visionaries Virulina

30 years after their initial release Visionaries would return to the public eye via comic book mini-series Transformers Vs Visionaries which would be released by IDW Publishing in December 2017. The release would mark the end to an almost 17 year run of attempts to relaunch the brand. As with any relaunch, the announcement would be met with a mixed reaction from new and old fans but, for us, simply having an official Visionaries product back on the shelves is an exciting development and one that we shall support as best we can.

The Announcement

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Darkling Lords' Headquarters

Posted on September 20th 2015 by David Mapes

Darkstorm's Castle

Darkling Lords' Headquaters

In the Visionaries cartoon and comic book series, Darkstorm's castle is the Darkling Lords' headquarters in an un-named area of Prysmos. The castle design had similarities to the Mollusk, the animal totem of Darkstorm (leader of the Darkling Lords). Whilst vehicles were produced for Season 1, with more planned for Season 2, only one playset base made it through from the design phase into production, the Holodrome Playset, yet even that was did not see a public release. This was not the only playset that was designed for the Visionaries line. The Darkling Lords' were also going to get a “home”.

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